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Our Mount Cutting Service
We offer a computerised mount cutting service both to the trade and general public using a TRUCUT EXCEL (the first within Northern Ireland) which is a double headed computerised mount cutter. This machine has the capability of both bevel and vertical cut enabling us to cut mounts suitable for coins and cigarette cards etc. We welcome enquiries from both the Trade and private sector and can deliver throughout the U.K. and Ireland. Standard sized mounts can be ordered online via this site, with the option to input your own custom aperture size. All mounts are cut to order and therefore can be cut to the customers specification. For multi aperture or none standard sizes please contact us for a quote. For the trade and Club customers we offer a generous quantity discount on mounts and mount blanks, starting at 30% for 10 of the same size (up to 20x16inch). Mounts above this have a flat discount of 30% for 25 plus.

Why Use a Mount board?
A mount has four broad functions;
  1. To support and protect the subject: Ensuring the subject does not come into contact with the glass and can also be placed behind the subject in conservation framing to protect from impurities in the frames backing. To protect a valuable piece of artwork the subject is sandwiched between two mount boards of conservation quality.
  2. To determine the image size: A mount can be cut to conceal sections of the subject being framed and/or to enlarge the subject to fit a specified frame size. For example how many photographs do you have framed where the main subject is not central or the majority of the photograph is taken up with the background or foreground. With the use of a mount a window can be cut to show only the main subject, obscuring a lot of the unwanted picture. The border width of the mount can then be made to any size to fit a frame.
  3. To enhance the subject: By creating a given space between the subject and the frame in a complementary colour, the eye is naturally drawn to the subject giving a more focused appreciation of the subject.
  4. To provide a decorative medium: The mount around the subject can be further decorated to greater enhance the subject. An extra window aperture can also be cut allowing for a title or inscription to be added. Two or three mounts (double or triple mounts) of different colours can be used with different aperture sizes and shapes so when mounted on top of each other show a border of different colours around the subject.
Mountboard Quality?
The four levels of mountboard we use are:
  • Cotton Museum Board - Used for conservtion mounting of valuable Artwork
  • Conservation Board - Minimum quality of board for conservation mounting of valuable artwork and Ltd Edition Prints.
  • Standard Mountboard - Commonly referred to as white core or acid free. Generally the same quality as conservation board, however the coloured papers do not pass the 75 year fade test. This is the minimum level of board we use when framing your works.
  • Economy / Budget Board - Commonly referred to as cream core. Although visually pleasing the core is not acid free and will fade over time to a dirty cream colour and may leach onto the artwork. We NEVER use this board when framing your works.